Why Choose Us?

fingerprint, handprint, footprint silver jewellery by Fingerprint Jewellery Studio

I first came across fingerprint jewellery in 2006 when my first child was born and quickly fell in love with the idea of having my childrens fingerprint in a silver pendant.  After attending various courses and months of 'practicing' in the studio, practice became perfect and that is when 'Fingerprint Jewellery Studio' was born (2007).  For 5 years I worked from home in my studio in the garden, between then and now I have completed an Access to Art and Design course and BA (Hons) Applied Arts & Design; Jewellery degree in Glyndwr University.  

In January 2015 I relocated my studio to Glynllifon, where there is a small comunity of makers.  I work 9-3 to enable me to be home in time for when my now 10 and 9 year old children arrive home from school.

I give 100% into my jewellery making, each piece is hand made from start to finish.  I attend several craft fairs each year and also sell on line and from my studio in Glynllifon.  I take pride in my work, each peace is made to a very high standard.  I pride my work on quality and only make jewellery that I am proud of. I upload photos daily of work in progress and finished pieces to my Instagram and facebook pages.  Fingerprint Jewellery Studio & Gemwaith Ol Bys.

My customers keep coming back for more!