Signature Jewellery

We are excited to offer such a unique and special keepsake, we can transform signatures, names and messages into beautiful fine silver jewellery that will last a lifetime!

Each peace is made using your original signature or handwriting. Signatures are unique, it’s as personal as it gets, it’s a symbol of your identity, carry the words or signature of your loved one on one of our beautiful fine silver jewellery, whether it’s a necklace or a pair of cufflinks, we have something for everyone.

This makes a perfect gift for many occasions! You can also honour a past loved one by wearing theirs.

Our Signature Jewellery collection is also a forever memento of your child’s handwriting. To get best results, we do ask that your child’s writing needs to be written in black medium to thick pen on plain white paper. We reduced it down to size.

All you need to do is scan and e-mail the artwork (signature/word/name/message) to us at, and we do the rest!