Medium Precious Pictures T-bar Bracelet

Price: £160.00

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Medium Precious Pictures T-bar Bracelet

Medium Precious Pictures Charm on a Sterling Silver T-Bar Bracelet

Capture the magic of early childhood drawings. Time flies so quickly, so preserve those magical drawings in silver. A name or initial can be added to the front or back and you can even add more charms in the years to come as you add to your family!

Bracelet can accommodate a variety of shape charms including hearts, funky hearts, a square, circle or flower in a size to suit you.

If you would like to add more charms then please browse through our selection and confirm your request in the comments section upon completion of your order.

Please remember to specify if you would like additional charms attached or they will be delivered unattached.

If you would like something different to the options above, such as different sized charms, different impressions, etc please contact our commissions team by completing the form on our contact page. We will then get back to you with ideas and prices to help you decide on the perfect item of jewellery.